The fun of golf and myths about YIPS....

The golfer's life is so beautiful - golf is the greatest. The game of games. The successful shots and the exercised mastery over body, ball and club are addictive. You can play great shots, and sometimes you manage tour-level golf shots:

» One meter putt with break safely holed for birdie
» 20 meter putt to "a gimme" putted to the flag
» 12 meter putt holed with break
» Chip - in from the front green
» Perfect bunker shot - played very "soft" to the flag
» 7 iron hit to the "stick" from 140 meters
» 250 meter drive, and much more.

Golf coach and expert of YIPS Bernd Gerland in cologne

You train with joy and constantly improve your skills. The more you practice, the better you get - true to the motto: "The sky is the limit." And then there's the icing on the cake: the many beautiful golf courses in this world - simply a pleasure.

What does all this have to do with YIPS? Well, all the beautiful things you just imagined can be negatively affected by YIPS. YIPS is the "performance killer" in sports and can be the cause of many unexplained performance fluctuations. That's why most golfers, as well as other athletes, cringe at the term YIPS. And amazingly different statements come out of the golfing scene:

» YIPS - doesn't exist.
» YIPS - never seen it before.
» I don't have that problem.
» I don't want to talk about that.
» YIPS is a disease and can be contagious.
» Only tour players can get this
» YIPS is very rare - I once experienced one in Flight.
» I know some in our club who have this.
» It's a psychological thing.
» It's a disease you can never get rid of - once YIPS always YIPS

These comments are superficial and in part even wrong. The subject is a worthwhile challenge and offers the athlete great opportunities and possibilities. Performance explosion, finally single-digit handicap, fluid motion and safe putting in any situation - if the subject of YIPS is approached professionally, body and club control is back (cure for the YIPS).

With the right attitude towards YIPS, many things are possible. You can retrieve your true potential and much more. Don't let it take the fun out of this great game. The round of golf becomes a pleasure again and it's true: "The sky is the limit".

Of course, YIPS was, is and will remain a complex topic. But let's be honest: Is ignoring YIPS or running away from the problem an effective solution? I am convinced that running away will result in the problem chasing you. The solution is to approach YIPS and look precisely. Something that I perceive and penetrate very precisely does not scare me anymore and eventually disappears! I remember well when I was a little boy and when I went to sleep I thought there was a monster in the corner. I turned on the light and it was just the jacket hanging over the desk chair. Reassured, I was able to fall asleep....

My tip: Take an offensive approach to a perceived problem - look at it closely, seek information. "Look for the cause of the cause" (Hippocrates). You will see: YIPS is not a monster either - everything is half as bad. Leonardo da Vinci said, "All our knowledge has its origin in perception." Knowledge is power is another well-known saying.

What's behind the curtain? I've been doing this for myself and for you over the past few years and have "seen through" YIPS. The myth is still alive, but the half-truths are diminishing. Science and knowledge begin with questions. And I had a lot of questions - like a little child:

» Where does YIPS come from?
» Where is YIPS going?
» Does the YIPS even exist - or is the phenomenon "just" a problem of techniques?
» How many people have YIPS?
» How can I measure YIPS?
» What is YIPS?

And most importantly, how can I get rid of the strange behavior? What are the possible solutions?

I found these questions so fascinating that i decided to try to find out.

Some answers to the questions posed will be presented on my website and in subsequent blog posts. This will focus on one central question: Can novice golfers have YIPS? And if so, what does that tell us about the YIPS phenomenon? You'll be surprised at how much power lies behind this question. The YIPS-myth is still alive - see you soon.